Scientology is a cult, not a religion

25 11 2008

Hi everyone,

this is just a test really, to see if the tentacles of this pernicious organisation reach into the wordpress/blogging world!

expect a proper post about this sometime, but in the meantime, take a look at:






19 11 2008

Hi everyone,

sorry for not having blogged for a while! I know you all hang on my every word, and when I don’t post your lives become dull and meaningless, but I’m back for now so you can cheer up:)

So recently I have been getting into this whole RSS subscription thing, and I now have an aggregator (Feed Demon) which, if you didn’t already know, is a bit like email except you get your subscribed blog posts (‘feeds’) delivered to you instead of private messages. For someone like me, who spends a lot of time reading blogs on the internet, this is really handy because it gives me updates of a fairly large slice of my regular browsing without me having to remember to go there! This may well be a particularly lazy way to browse the internet, and I don’t think it’s actually saving me time, probably the opposite…


Zari put it to me the other day that maybe if I couldn’t connect to the internet I would get a lot more work done; I think she’s right, and the same probably goes for the majority of users out there whose jobs aren’t directly concerned with the internet. Obviously it is an extremely useful tool for many many different things (including physics research!) and email is similar in its addictive properties, but if you are easily distracted like me (see, I’m blogging when I should be working!) maybe you should consider disconnecting for a period of your computer time each day… When I get round to experimenting with this I shall let you know the results!

Anyway that is all for now, look forward to speaking to you all again soon!


25 02 2008


I have a couple of updates for you, my billions of loyal readers:

1) Larry Lessig will now NOT be running for Congress, for good reasons which he outlines here. I cannot deny that I feel slightly disappointed, but I am sure that he will continue his good work more effectively from outside of Congress.

2) I have updated my “Music” page on this site, and will hopefully be posting some reviews of select albums on this blog soon!

Enjoy your evening folks!


what a man…

21 02 2008

Hello again everyone.

If you have ever checked out the blogs in the links on the right, you will hopefully have come across a man called Larry Lessig. He set up the Creative Commons movement, and is now moving on to attempt to get the money and corruption out of the US Congress, in a movement called Change Congress (he likes alliteration as you can tell!). It annoys me somewhat that this is happening in America and not here, but it’s got to be one step at a time I guess. Maybe (hopefully) the idea will spread like his CC licences did, globally, and maybe the next paradigm after “separation of church and state” will be the separation of money and state… Probably not but I may as well offer some sort of prediction for the future!

Now Prof. Lessig is considering running for Congress himself, and if he decides to go for it he will have what limited support I can give him (as I’m not a US citizen this does not amount to much). As a man of ideas and intellect he is among the most outstanding of his generation (in my view) and I urge you to check out at least some of his ideas.

Anyway, I really shouldn’t be doing this right now, I have calculations to do!

Bye for now,


happy new year and all that…

7 02 2008

Well hello, and if it’s not too late to say it, happy new year! Hope you all had an excellent evening welcoming in the new year! I know I did, even though Zari wasn’t with me – she was away in Thailand sunning herself (and judging an international debating competition!) at the expense of the Oxford Union. I was lucky enough to have the 11pm-12am spot for DJing at my club night, Baraka Records (née Baraka) so I had a nice full dance floor with plenty of energy! Managed to stay up till the wee hours of the 2nd too, with some very good company, and I hope you did something similar!

January was a funny month for me; the biting cold and lack of finances coupled with an almost total lack of motivation at work have brought me down somewhat, but now the days are getting longer, it is occasionally sunny, even in London, and my teaching schedule is starting to ease off a bit, which hopefully means better moods and less moping around doing nothing! I also said goodbye (for how long I do not know) to my friend Pablo, who has decided to go to Lebanon to work, making English text books for schools out there. It is good work and seems to be what he wants to do, so although we will all miss him, I wish him the very best of luck and praise for doing something good for the world.  On that subject,  I have found a new source of inspiration, one Prof. Larry Lessig of Stanford, who has recently embarked on a study of corruption in politics and whose words have given me insight into the workings of democracies. I recommend you watch his lecture here, although I should warn you it is about an hour long, but well worth the time spent!

February has some interesting things in store too, I believe – at least one more leaving do (for Andy, who flies to Singapore for a work placement in March), several birthday parties (Zari’s is tomorrow at the Synergy Project, and Rebecca’s the day after), and a gig with my band, now called “Riddler” on the 23rd at Leonard’s in Clerkenwell, London – come along if you fancy some good music played well!

That’s probably enough for now – if anyone is silly/bored enough to read this let me know what you think!



“Duelling Loops”

10 12 2007

Duelling Loops

Laptop shopping

29 11 2007

Hi again.

Trying to find laptops that are good value but still contain the features you want or need doesn’t seem to get any easier! I am currently shopping around for some decent deals on sub-£800 notebooks to replace the one that was stolen from my office a couple of weeks ago.  I was directed by my good friend Oli to this site, which lets you filter the full list of notebooks by conditions you specify, such as hard disk size, RAM etc., and then gives you a competitive list of prices for the ones that fit your criteria. Unfortunately, Trying to compare specifications is pretty daunting when you are out of touch with these things (as I am). I guess it requires more swotting-up on the costs/benefits of each component… Do most people do this or do they just go by a very rough price/specification balance?

I don’t know. This probably wasn’t even worth putting in a blog but at least I have now shared the link with you, my dearest readers.

I’m going to keep looking instead of wasting my time writing 😛